Continuous Improvement, the key to a Sustainable Development

More and more businesses and organizations want to make their operations more sustainable. In addition, the expectation that long-term profitability must be associated with social justice and environmental protection is widening. The tendency is that this expectation grows and intensifies as funders, customers and other corporate stakeholders become aware of the need to promote a truly sustainable economy.

In this sense, GSS seeks to carry out its activities, providing services that go beyond the simple execution of projects, but with the objective of bringing together economic benefits, environmental sustainability, social benefits and respect for cultural differences.

Our Services

Mobilization and Planning

The main objective of this service is to define guidelines, principles and goals in line with the values, philosophy and mission of the organization, as well as engaging and aligning sustainability concepts at all levels of the organization. This phase will guide the actions of the organization in the pursuit of sustainable development and continuous improvement.

Stakeholders Engagement

GSS works on mapping and consulting stakeholders in order to identify their demands and needs, risks and opportunities, as well as in the creation of a communication channel with the goal of building a relationship based on trust and transparency. We rely on different methodologies and standards related to stakeholders such as AccountAbility, ISO 26,000 and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).


GSS carries out the entire process for determining the material themes of an organization. This process is important in determining the relevance of various themes to the creation of a strategic plan of action, while at the same time providing a systemic analysis of the organization, and this is the reason why it is classified as a powerful tool in business management.

Management Indicators

In order to apply the concept of sustainable development, it is fundamental to establish indicators, goals and targets that can give measurements of an organization's performance. The objective of this service is to develop and measure sustainability indicators, with the various sectors of the organization, using internationally recognized methodologies and tools.

Sustainability report

The report is intended to support organizations through the dissemination of data, comparability and continuous improvement of actions that allow progress towards sustainable management. At GSS, we prepare the reports aligned with the GRI Standards, contemplating its principles and indicators, using editorial resources and personalized design, so that information is presented in a dynamic and attractive way.

Assurance of Sustainability Reports

Independent assurance demonstrates the company's commitment to deliver transparent, high-quality information to all stakeholders involved in its business. GSS has a sustainability team that works with internationally recognized guidelines, such as the AA1000AS and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), to further enhance your report's credibility.

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, during the UN Summit, 193 Member States adopted a new sustainable development agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), counting with 17 goals and 169 targets to be achieved by 2030.

For the construction of this agenda, a great consultation process was carried out, with international negotiations on the composition of the goals, including civil society and several other actors. This process resulted in a unanimous, unprecedented balancing of human prosperity with the protection of the planet.

GSS believes that SDGs should be used as a guide for our customers to build their business strategy, meeting their internal demands, aligned with the priorities of the planet. In this context, we help organizations to understand the objectives, create their indicators, measure and report. Thus, contributing to a fairer and more equitable planet, promoting sustainable development and becoming leaders in sustainability.