Brazilian Biodiversity, I use and you?

In Brazil, access to genetic resources, protection and access to associated traditional knowledge and benefit sharing (ABS) are regulated by Law 13,123 / 2015 and by Regulatory Decree 8,772 / 2016, having its management made by the CGEN (Conselho de Gestão do Patrimônio Genético).

The Biodiversity Law is applicable to natural or juridical persons, national or foreign, who access genetic information of plant, animal and microbial species, among others, in the form of molecules, extracts or metabolic substances, from Brazilian biodiversity, with or without the aid of traditional knowledge of communities (indigenous, traditional or local) for the purpose of scientific research or technological development.

Therefore, it is necessary for users to register in SisGen - National System for the Management of Genetic Heritage and Associated Traditional Knowledge. The registration is not prior to the beginning of the research but has a right period of time to happen. Irregular use of genetic heritage and traditional knowledge characterizes "biopiracy", which can cause irreparable damage to the image and heritage of an organization.

GSS offers a specialized and unique service to its clients, regarding the market related to the use of Brazilian biodiversity. Our professionals have vast experience and high technical qualification with training in the legal, social (anthropological), biological (chemical, biologist and pharmaceutical) and engineering areas.

We believe in our role, so the coherence between discourse and action is a fundamental premise of the GSS.

Our Services

Market Intelligence and Publications.

Data on the panorama of the use of Brazilian Biodiversity in Brazil and in the world

Company strategic planning on the use of Biodiversity

Monthly follow-up containing standards and market updates

National and international studies on ABS

Elaboration of manuals and booklets – for internal / external public and for associations

In-company training

Strategic follow-up with CGEN and competitive intelligence services

Process of registration, notification and regularization of access with SisGen.

Adequacy, within the scope of Law 13,123 / 2015, of projects and processes filed or approved in force of Provisional Measure 2.186 / 2001

Adequacy and regularization of activities carried out in disagreement with MP 2.186 / 01 under the new Biodiversity Law

Registration and Notification of researches and products developed after the new Biodiversity Law became effective

Elaboration of technical documents to subsidize the registration dossier

Analysis of data and documents for inclusion in the system, elaboration of the Terms of Material Transfer - TTM

Follow-up and monitoring of the registration

Oral support in case of registration analysis by the CGen Plenary

Management for sustainable use of biodiversity and relationship with the community.

Development of activities and strategies related to the use of biodiversity, access to genetic patrimony, associated traditional knowledge and benefit sharing

Orientation of best practices in Benefit Sharing and Relationship with communities and creation of Policies

Participatory diagnosis of local communities

Field activities to manage the use of Biodiversity

Monitoring of benefit-sharing projects and monitoring of indicators

Prospecting of ingredients, raw materials and potential communities providers of genetic resources

Participatory construction of community protocols

Community development, strengthening of local associations and cooperatives

Diagnosis and risk assessment on the use of biodiversity.

Risk assessment of activities involving the use of natural ingredients by the company in its products. Passive and preventive

Evaluation of biodiversity ingredients to identify the center of origin and possible applicable national or international legislation

Evaluation of ingredients, raw materials and bibliographical references aiming at identifying access to associated traditional knowledge


Professionals with experience in the subject since 2002

Active participation in all plenary sessions of the CGen

Responsible for more than 120 requests for access authorization under the Provisional Measure and about 60 CURBs approved by the CGen (MP2186)

More than 3000 raw materials evaluated

Analysis of almost 1000 species for compliance in national or international ABS legislation

More than 30 clients in the cosmetic sector for activities related to ABS


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